Anadolu Glass Ind and Trade Ltd. Co. which is established in Ankara in 1957, has been continuing its activities in Istanbul since 1976. With the help of the central factory, laminated production factory in Kurtköy and the factory located in GEPOSB, Anadolu Glass continues to work by developing and renewing itself and by taking better quality and safe steps in Turkey especially in İstanbul.

Anadolu Glass improved its operation range by acquiring the title of “Authorized Glass Supplier” from Trakya Camtaş Marketing Inc. in 1970 and by acquiring the title of “ Double Glazed Glass Authorized Producer” in 1998. Nowadays, we continue to work together with Anadolu Cam Products industry and trade Inc.  and Taşözler Glass Processing Ltd. Co. to increase our employment and to continue our activities in a strong manner.All kinds of equipment and machinery used in the factories which are belonged to Anadolu Glass Ind and Trade Ltd. Co. are supplied from the most prestigious companies in the world. Anadolu Glass Ind and Trade Ltd. Co. continues its activities with its branch offices in 32.000 m2 closed area with the excitement of the first day, constantly renewing and aiming always better.

  1. Providing our customers with all product and service expectations at the highest level of quality with full security and zero mistakes and making them all continuous.
  2. Unwavering efforts to ensure the highest possible reliability and quality in our products; establishing an insuperable standard; to be a company known for its commitment, honesty, reliability and service.
  3. Obtaining a fair profit from our current business and activities to be able to meet our obligations, sustain our growth and reach our goals.
  4. Realizing our aims in harmony with the institutions and persons that we have relations without harming the environment and nature.
  5. Contributing to the economy of the country and region.

Our vision is to be an exemplary company as a leader in its sector and always growing in the Turkey and in the world by providing the highest customer satisfaction in all the services.


  • Confidence
  • Quality
  • Continuous improvement
  • Honesty
  • Team spirit
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Loyalty

As Anadolu Cam, our principle is providing and supplying all kinds of high quality products with lowest possible financials that meet our consumer expectations in our sector which we are active in all kinds of GLASS, DOUBLE GLAZED GLASS, MIRROR, LAMINATED GLASS, GLASS ACCESSORIES FOR SPECIAL PURPOSES.

For this aim;
Meeting customer needs in a timely and complete manner,
Keeping our staff’s education level up,
Ensuring the production and continuity of the product in accordance with the quality standards,
Ensuring continuous improvement in every point in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system.

These are the constant quality policy of ANADOLU CAM IND. TRADE. LTD. CO.

Business Ethics Rules


A. Honesty

In all our business processes and relationships, integrity and honesty are our primary values. We act with integrity and honesty with our employees and with all our commercial relationships.

B. Confidentiality

Confidential and proprietary information; ANADOLU GLASS INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO. LTD. And ANADOLU GLASS PRODUCTS CO. INC. Contain information that may be disadvantageous in terms of competition, trade secrets, information about personnel rights and information on “confidentiality agreements” concluded with third parties.

As the employees of Anadolu Cam Group; we take care to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our customers, employees and other interested parties. We protect the confidential information about the activities of our companies and use this information only for the purposes of Anadolu Cam companies; we share this information with the relevant persons only within the designated authorities.

C. Conflict of Interest

As Anadolu Cam employees, we aim to stay away from conflict of interest. By taking advantage of our current position; personally, we do not provide personal benefit to individuals or organizations that we or our family members are in business with. Apart from Anadolu Cam companies, we are not in business activity based on an additional financial result. We do not use the name and power of Anadolu Cam and our Anadolu Cam identity to provide personal benefits.

In the event of a potential conflict of interest, we apply these methods if we believe that the interests of the parties concerned can be safely maintained through legal and ethical means. We are consulted to our manager, the Human Resources Department and our company lawyer when we are in doubt.

D. Our Responsibilities

In addition to our legal responsibilities, we take care to fulfill the following responsibilities to our customers, employees, suppliers and business partners, our competitors, collecting, humanity and Anadolu Cam.

Our Legal Responsibilities
All our current activities and transactions are T.C. laws and international law, and we provide timely, accurate and comprehensible information to regulatory agencies and organizations on time.

In carrying out all our activities and transactions, we shall be equally spaced and fulfill our obligations with this kind of consciousness without any kind of interest expectation to any public institutions and organizations, administrative organizations, civil society organizations and political parties.

Our Responsibilities to Our Customers
We work with a proactive approach that focuses on customer satisfaction and responds to the needs and demands of our customers in the shortest possible time, in the most accurate manner. We offer our services on time and on the terms we promise; we are approaching our customers on the basis of respect, honor, justice, equality and courtesy.

Our Responsibilities to Employees
We ensure that employees’ personal rights are used in full and correct manner. We commit ourselves to a fair and honest, non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment. We demonstrate the necessary effort for the individual development of our employees, support volunteering for appropriate social and social activities where they will be aware of social responsibility, and observe the balance between work and private life.

Our Partners’ Responsibilities
By giving priority to the continuity of Anadolu Cam and in line with its goal of creating value for our shareholders; avoid unnecessary or unmanageable risks, and aim for sustainable profitability. We act within the framework of financial discipline and accountability, manage our company’s resources and assets and working time with efficiency and saving consciousness. We take care to increase our competitive power.

Our Responsibilities to Suppliers / Business Partners
A good customer will behave fairly and respectfully as expected, and we will demonstrate the necessary skills to fulfill our obligations on time. We carefully protect the confidential information of the individuals and organizations we work with and our business partners.

Our Responsibilities to Our Customers
We effectively compete only in areas that are legal and ethical, and we avoid unfair competition. We support studies aimed at ensuring the targeted competitive structure within the community.

Our Responsibilities to Society and Humanity
Protection of democracy, human rights and the environment; education and charity, crime and corruption are very important to us. Being sensitive to social issues with the awareness of being a good citizen; civil society organizations, public services, we try to take part in appropriate activities in these matters. Bribe or gift in excess of the price. products and services and we do not accept them.

Our Responsibilities to “Anadolu Cam”
Our business partners, customers and other stakeholders rely on us for our professional competence and honesty. We try to keep this reputation at the highest level.

Our company policies, professional standards, commitments and ethical rules

Anadolu Cam